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ASPCA Pet Insurance is a Fraud! Shelby, our third yellow lab, was 2 months old when we decided to get pet insurance, thinking that this would be beneficial.

She had a clear bill of health from both her breeder's vet and ours when she arrived. She came with papers from AKC. After 9 months she started limping. Tests showed bilateral elbow displasia.

She underwent surgery ($10,000 including MRI and follow up care) at 13 months. Submitted claim to ASPCA and they denied (after 2 months delay) due to "Pre-existing" condition....Then they told us that "Labs are genetically prone to joint displasia". I asked how we would have known about this when applying for their insurance, they didn't have a good answer. All breeds are prone to varying disorders and I suppose that they would deny all claims based on this as well.

Save your money on premiums and use it when your animals need vet care.

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We also had incurred $6000. Worth of surgery for our dachshound which ASpCA denied saying they don't cover hereditary conditions.

Their brochure clearly states that level 3 covers hereditary conditions. We must not allow them to continue false advertising and refusing to pay! Please write to every organization including Attorney Generals office, Better Business Bureau, veterinary associations and Fraud complaints in your state.

Good luck! Stand up for OUR rights!


All of the surgery wouldn't have been covered regardless. The lifetime payout per pet is ridiculously low.

My cat was almost maxed out even before they started denying my claims because of the pre existing condition that they covered the first instance of. Yes, after having a problem once, it is considered pre existing and they will never cover it again.


:( This is not the only website complaining of ASPCA's endorsed pet insurance. I had to take them to court to get them to pay what they'd promised.

In the mean time my dog had to go through more pain and suffering due to this insurance's practices. I even called them to report THEM for animal cruelty. (They merely transferred me to...their pet insurance company!)

The biggest difference between this pet insurance and almost all others is that they consider something to be "pre-existing" if it carried over from one policy-period to another, even if you continued to renew your policy!

So if your dog had an ACL injury on May 20th, had x-rays and was diagnosed on May 27th, had surgery on June 20th...but your policy renewed on May 31st...your surgery would be denied as it was an injury sustained in the previous policy period!

This is the ABSOLUTE WORST PET INSURANCE COMPANY THERE IS, and i've carefully looked into many of them after my experience with them. :(


Watch it ya all. Insurance is about making money, not giving it away.

Every one of them has hidden clauses. For an animal my best bet would be to save up the money and bank it for just that need for your animal.

Car insurance and house insurance you just cant get away with cos it could include liabilities and human life. Animal insurances of all kinds like to deny certain little things cos it is a low end fight and likely wont go to court like a case of house insurance would when denied.


The AKC only provides you with the impression of insurance coverage. When you truly need this insurance as what happened to me, AKC excludes and denies coverage. This insurance is good to get the teeth cleaned with the wellness plan. Now I ask the $1,000's you pay in an annual premium you could have paid for the teeth cleaning at least twice.

So for years I thought I had respectable insurance with the AKC and really I had the "Illusion" of coverage. I cancelled my coverage with the horrible provider and moved to an excellent one. They lost claims, denied claims, hideous customer service just to name a few. Then they would find a clause which got them out of paying the claims.

Read the fine print - watch for "annual maximum" "per-incident" "hereditary conditions" "genetic conditions" and of course "arthritis" – AKC does not pay for these illnesses. See what I mean -- they offer the illusion because some medical claim most likely will fall into these categories and be denied as is what happened to me and my beloved pet.

Many OTHER providers do not have the "illusion" and offer creditable coverage for the same price!

Know what you are getting involved in for your sake and the sake of your beloved pet(s).


I HAD the AKC Pet Insurance. The only one that the AKC Petpartners Insurance partners with is with THEMSELVES!

This company has denied my family 1, 000′s of dollars in UNPAID claim inclusive of eusthanasia. I am shopping other insurance after experiencing how deplorable the customer service is, the lost claims they forever seem to misplace and the wrongful denial to claims INCLUSIVE OF EUTHANASIA when we were told it was medically necessary. I had the wellness plan – pretty comprehensive and they only pay PEANUT things – when it comes to the “true reason we have insurance” forget about the AKC since you have NOTHING other than an Illusion of coverage per our experience. You need to look for providers WITHOUT the NEVER ENDING clauses the AKC has -- "Per Incident" and watch out for the heriditary items they EXCLUDE.

OTHERWISE — SELF FUND YOUR OWN POLICY. To have an AKC Policy — it was completely USELESS and HEART WRENCHING! Be certain to read the AKC catch all loop hole — PER INCIDENT and WATCH the annual maximum -- they offer minimal and if your pup is sick -- it gets expensive. For me the AKC considered EVERYTHING the same incident even when their own EOB’s indicate different diagnosis with different dates of service.

. Many OTHER insurance providers have an annual maximum WITHOUT the AKC Loop Hole which they incorrectly throw everything into and then DON'T PAY as they represent they will.

STAY AWAY from the AKC for fear your experience will be as mine! In my research at and many conversations -- Embrace is who we are switching too


After years of coverage and multiple policies for our 4 pups with the AKC Pet Partners Insurance the time came for me to have utilized it for our adored pup. He was sick – no question about that. I had insurance – or so I thought. Our sweet boy was hospitalized, required an MRI of the brain which indicated some sort of a lesion, then developed nephritis, later he came down with aspiration pneumonia and also had an emergency hospital visit as well. It ended much to my heart break with the loss of this sweet boy when I was told that it was medically necessary to euthanize him. I had thought I had credible coverage through the AKC Pet Insurance. WRONG! One the Wellness Plan (most enriched plan and very expensive) through the AKC they AKC denied medications, MRI, further diagnostics, medical treatment and hospitalizations INCLUSIVE of euthanasia.

So consumers BEWARE of such an organization. These were unrelated situations that they denied.

I had registered our pups with the AKC when they made the offer of this insurance upon AKC registration of our puppy years back – how could I go wrong with the AKC? In EVERYWAY!! In addition recently, they have denied testing on our other pup for a simple test of giarda on the Wellness Plans which are the most enriched plan (allegedly) through the AKC – they denied that too.

I have dropped the insurance with this deplorable coverage offered through the AKC. I now have them insured with an honorable insurance provider that does not have the gimmicks the AKC Pet Insurance has to get out of paying claims.

CONSUMERS please check out and see how many of us that patronized the AKC have shared similar experiences. This is a wonderful sight – they offer you information on ALL insurance providers.

I am now with Embrace and could not be happier with the customer service, the helpfulness, expertise and wisdom the representatives have. Embrace demonstrated timeliness with information, all something that I never ever received from the AKC Pet Insurance. Embrace offered a medical review process so you know UP FRONT what is exactly what. I may have a pre-existing condition for a pup, but that by far out weighs the knowledge of knowing what a reputable company I am now with. I hope none of my pups get as sick as my sweet boy did – but now knowing that they are TRULY insured with an outstanding insurance provider I sleep better. You can tell in just speaking with Embrace they truly staff animal lovers!

Who wants to be with a company that when you are at your wits end with the loss of your pet, they even deny euthanasia as a final slap in your face?

Please check out the reviews for yourself at and BEWARE of the AKC. Clearly it is a shared experience being dissatisfied by many AKC Policy Holders.

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